Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THIS POST!!! Post 27 - The Road to Dictionopolis: An Interview with Norton Juster

http://archive.salon.com/books/int/2001/03/12/juster/print.html (interview)
http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/contributor.jsp?id=1591 (bio)

1. Go to the web sites and read the interview Norton Juster, the author of The Phantom Tollbooth. 

2. What did you learn from this reading?
3. What shocked you or made an impression on you? Why did it affect you this way?
4. If you could have lunch with Norton Juster and you only had three questions you could ask him, what three questions would they be? (literature, inspiration, life lessons, etc. for ideas)

Post 26 - A Million Thoughts Away

"The world that Milo knew was a million thoughts away, and the demons - the demons were there in the distance," (p. 224). 
1. When have you been a million thoughts away?
2. What images does this give you?
3. What does this say about your life? 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Post 25 -The Unwelcoming Committee

1. How does doing unimportant things save trouble?

2. What does it mean when it says, "Milo, who had learned by now that people are not always what they say the are..." (p. 216). Give me an example from the novel and one from real life? Can you think of a play on words, cliche, etc. that would fit this idea? Mine is: Don't judge a book by its cover. You must find a different one. Happy hunting. 

3. List the new characters we meet in this chapter and give a quick description of each one. 

4. Which character is the most evil? Why do you feel/think this way?

5. Out of the characters you have discovered, which one would you most likely be able to have adopted to your family and share bunk beds with? Why?

6. Why are Unenlightened Mountains home to evil? What images do you get in your mind when you read this chapter? What STRONG, VIVID words pop into your mind? You may use some from the chapter, but then expand into your own adventure of vocabulary. 

Post 24- A Very Dirty Bird & A Man with a Blank Face

1. Describe the meeting of The Very Dirty Bird. Why do you think the Very Dirty Bird is from Context?  What does that say about language? p. 204-207

2. Why would a demon not have a face (or a blank face in this case) and be dressed beautifully? p. 208-209

3. What are the three tasks given to Milo, Tock, & the Humbug? WHy do you think these tasks were chosen? How do they play into where Milo wants to go? How do they show how he has changed? p. 209-210

Post 23 - Magic Staff p. 201

1.  Why did Milo need his sights, sounds, words, and his OWN magic staff to continue his journey? (Think about where he was headed...what does HIS OWN magic staff symbolize?) 

2. What does it mean when the Mathemagian says, "but you can be in Ignorance quick enough without riding all the way...."? 

Post 22- King Azaz and the Mathemagician

1. (Characterization) Describe King Azaz & the Mathemagician based on:
    a. Their appearances
    b. Thier actions
    c. What they say and how they say it
    d. What the author and/or narrator says about them
    e. What the other characters say or think about them
    f. How they are treated by the other characters
(you may get a friend and each of you does one character) 

2. Describe the relationship between King Azaz & the Mathemagician. 

3. Who would you rather work for: King Azaz or the Mathemagician? EXPLAIN your choice. 

4. Compare & contrast King Azaz & the Mathemagician. 

Post 21 - 2.58 Children

1. Talk to your parents, do some research, re-read the novel, etc. and find out why 2.58 children was once relevant to our society. Understanding why this saying once fit out culture, will help you make sense of .58.  

2. Would you rather be a whole child or a fraction? Why?

3. List some reasons why being .58 could be helpful. :) 

4. When else do people use averages or means???? Make a math connection here!