Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Post 9 - Smile

1. Is a smile really a smile if no one can see it?
Please formulate a well written response that describes your personal opinion. Make sure your questions and comments to other students are RESPECTFUL and text driven, not personal. Happy blogging. Smiles, :) Miss Bailin

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Post 8 - Ordinary Man

Read the quote and the questions below and choose at least one to answer. Please include appropriate examples and create a meaningful response. 

"In fact, I'm quite ordinary, but there are so many ordinary men that no one asks their opinion about anything," (p. 114).  

1. This man never changes. He simply describes himself in different ways. How many different people can you be without really changing? List/Describe as many ideas as you can. 

2. When can being ordinary a "good" thing?

3. What does this quote say about being ordinary?

4. What quotes can you find that support what the author is saying about being ordinary?

Post 7 - Destinations

1. If you could make  your own destination stop what would it be called and what would it be like? BE DESCRIPTIVE. You may write a poem, paragraph, or song to describe your destination.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post 6 - Playing with Language

As we read The Phantom Tollbooth, we are going to come across ways the author creatively uses language. Be on the lookout for puns, idioms, cliches, etc. and post them here. :)

Post 5 - Does size matter? An idea thought of from Cruse asking me a question.

Look at the map and determine an answer to the questions below.
1. Why are the locations on the map different sizes? What symbolically is the author telling us through this map? Pick a few locations and describe their differences in size.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post 4 - Preference Questioning: Which Letter?

One part we read today included a delicious sampling of letters in the Marketplace. 

Choose one of the options, write a convincing/persuasive piece, and submit it on the blog. Respond to two other students posts in a meaningful way. Feel free to pose questions. Use your creativity. Don't be afraid to use your school appropriate humor. :) This story uses plays on words frequently, so don't shy away from practicing fun with language. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

1. Choose a letter and describe what a day is like for it. Include interesting events. 
2. Choose a letter and describe its feelings and concerns in a poem. 
3. If you were a letter, which letter would you be and why?
4. Write a dialouge/script between two or more letters. Think about what they would discuss or argue. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Post 3 - Where do you think you would live?

Look at the map from The Phantom Tollbooth

1. Select a place where you would like to live. List at least 6 reasons why you would want to live there (knowing only the location's name and geographically where it is). 

2. Which location is the least desirable to live? List at least 6 reasons why you would NOT want to reside in this location (knowing only the location's name and geographically where it is). 

Post 2 - The Tantalizing Table of Contents

Looking at the Table of Contents
1. Which chapter captures your attention? Support your answer. 
2. Which chapter is the most creative? Support your answer. 

Alternate Activities
1. Draw a picture illustrating what you predict that chapter will look like and post it on the blog.
2. Compose a poem, using the title of the chapters. 

Post 1 - The Land of Expectations

1. A. What does it mean to expect something?
    B. What are positive and negative aspects to having expectations?

2. A. What does it mean to expect something?
    B. Briefly describe a time you expected something. How did this affect your experience?

3. A. Why was the Land of Expectations so beautiful? Be specific. 
    B. How would the Land of Expectations be different if it was called the Land of Negative