Monday, January 12, 2009

Post 2 - The Tantalizing Table of Contents

Looking at the Table of Contents
1. Which chapter captures your attention? Support your answer. 
2. Which chapter is the most creative? Support your answer. 

Alternate Activities
1. Draw a picture illustrating what you predict that chapter will look like and post it on the blog.
2. Compose a poem, using the title of the chapters. 


  1. The chapter that catches my attention the most is #13, Unfortunate Conclusions. This gets me eager to read the chapter to see if Milo suffers a fate. Possibly he jumps to conclusions instead of thinking it through so what he thought was wrong, or maybe Milo is not even the victim in this situation. There are so many possibilities that could occur in this chapter and by the name I think it will be an important event in the book.

  2. Ben-You've made me think...if something concludes in an unfortunate way, would that be the conclusion or would it be the beginning of something new? When does something conclude?

  3. The chapter that catches my attention the most is the Unwelcoming Committee. If there is going to be a committee, wouldn't it want to be a welcoming committee, not an unwelcoming committee. If you were a businessman you would want customors, so why have a committee to scare off the customors. If you owned a kingdom wouldn't you want poeple to come to your kingdom and then go off and tell others about it, in a good way. The only way I would see anyone in The Phantom Tollbooth wanting an unwelcoming committee would be one of the brothers. If you get to thinking about it, it is still silly because if you let poeple from the others kingdom come in and they like it they would tell others and maybe move in to the others kingdom. That is why the chapter the unwelcoming committee catches my attention the most.

  4. I agree with Danielle. Why would you not want people to come to your shop or castle or anything else? Is it that your just a mean person? Also if you didn't want people to come why would you have your shop or castle at all? If you were a business man and you have an unwelcoming committee are you aiming to go bankrupt? This is like saying "please think I don't want costumers!" This is the chapter that catches my attention the most is the unwelcoming committee.

  5. The chapter that catches my attention is the "very dirty bird" is the bird going to be dirty as in dusty or dirty as in causes? I wounder....

  6. I agree with Michael will the it the bird really be dirty? or is it just bad in it's acts?

  7. Ben in most books I read a majority have a fortunate conclusion what do you think this book will have?

  8. The unwelcoming commitee seems like an - unwelcoming commitee. I wonder what makes it unwelcoming. I think it may be the ghouls and the goblins that surround the outside of the kingdom and the Castle in the Air. I think it will be suspenceful. I mean, just think about it, an unwelcoming commitee. Why do you think there would be a commitee that unwelcomes people? I wonder how they unwelcome people and why. Does anyone have answer or thoughts they might have on my questions?

  9. Alterative Activite #2:

    The Royal Banquet
    Humbug Volunteers, The
    Ends with "Good Bye and Hello"

    Plus Welcome to Dictionopolis
    How about Confusion in the Marketplace
    A colorful symphony
    No doubt Faint Macabre's Story is great
    The Silent Valley
    Obviously "It's all in how you look at things" is awesome

    Then there's "Dischord and Dynne"
    Outstanding book
    Luckly, the chapter "Castle in the Air" is here
    a Lively book
    Beyond Expectations
    an Old Book
    The chapter A Very Dirty Bird is great

    But the Unwelcoming Comitee is dreadful
    Your favorite book

    sometimes Odd
    This Way to Infinity
    Outragously insane
    Numerous reasons you like it

    Unfortunate Conclusions
    Short Shrift
    The Dodeckohedron Leads the Way
    Return of Ryme and Reason, The


  10. Very deatiled Haley.
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. I always appreciate how your answers vary and you are willing to try different activities. Bravo!

  11. The valley of sound was my favorite personally. I expect like the land of expectations there to be alot of nnoise and party's. ahhhhhh. But honestly i think the unwelcoming commete was the most creative. i have never heard of it and hey thats a lead

  12. I agree with the unwelcoming comitte and dani i mean i like the welcoming comitee so im very intrested in the unwelcoming comitte because you wonder what it is going to be like the welcoming comitee is welcoming oeople and making them feel happy and comfertable so it really makes you think like say the unwelcoming comitee makes you want to leave and makes you mad and really angry and not be there anymore and the names just wants you not to want to go to but i like to know what it is

  13. I like the chapter called Ditionupinles. This capter is really important because there are lots of main characters in it like King AzAz and Humbug. It is also amazing that there is a word market here.
    ~ Randy

  14. Before I got to the chapter, one chapter that caught my eye was "This way to Infinity". I thought that maybe MIlo was shown the direction and actually MADE IT TO INFINITY, so I really didn't know what to expect.