Monday, February 9, 2009

Post 22- King Azaz and the Mathemagician

1. (Characterization) Describe King Azaz & the Mathemagician based on:
    a. Their appearances
    b. Thier actions
    c. What they say and how they say it
    d. What the author and/or narrator says about them
    e. What the other characters say or think about them
    f. How they are treated by the other characters
(you may get a friend and each of you does one character) 

2. Describe the relationship between King Azaz & the Mathemagician. 

3. Who would you rather work for: King Azaz or the Mathemagician? EXPLAIN your choice. 

4. Compare & contrast King Azaz & the Mathemagician. 


  1. I would rather work for the Mathamagician than King AZAZ. I would because I believe that I am a far better math student than reader and I think it would be more exciting. I say this because you always have to stick w/ just 26 of the same letters in Dictionopolis where in Digitopolis you are always discovering new numbers and new creations. That is why I would rather work for the Mathamagician.
    (Plus I might get a magic staff)

  2. Basically the Mathamagician and King AZAZ hate each other. They always fought over which was better, #'s or letters. When they asked Rhyme and Reason to decide, they both said that they were equal. This made both of them furious and that is when Rhyme and Reason left. They have never agreed on anything since.

  3. Well that isn't completely true, but almost is. King Azaz and the Matemagician both agree that they always disagree with each other.

  4. I would rather work for king Azaz because I like to play with letters and make up my own words. I also like plays on words. Who knows maybe I might be able to see a broadway show on words too.

  5. I wouldn'y work for the Mathemagician because I would have to eat when I was full and become hungry when I eat.
    Getting Crazy,

  6. The relationship is a very bad one beteew them and I like wouldn't want to be by them when they are fighting. It is also funny that they always think that they always disagree but the really are agreeing. one day hopefuly they become frinds.
    I'm awesome,
    Randy Beast

  7. I would rather work for King Azaz. I would like to work out in the orchard and collect words and letters, then bring them to the market. I could also eat the 'foods' while I'm delightfully working. I would eat tons of the amazing and tasty A (The best letter!!!!). I would also work for him so I could go to the Royal Banquet, and say my own foods. I would pick cheeseburger, diet pepsi, (because I'm diabetic, I have to drink diet soda instead of regular) and french fries for dinner. For dessert: A hot fudge sundae, strawberries, and a cherry ontop! YUMMY!!!!!! Can't you see why I'd want to work there?