Monday, February 9, 2009

Post 23 - Magic Staff p. 201

1.  Why did Milo need his sights, sounds, words, and his OWN magic staff to continue his journey? (Think about where he was headed...what does HIS OWN magic staff symbolize?) 

2. What does it mean when the Mathemagian says, "but you can be in Ignorance quick enough without riding all the way...."? 


  1. 2. I think what the Mathemagician is saying is that Milo can be ignored BEFORE he goes all the way to Ignorance.
    P.S. I don't fell well (groan!)!

  2. I think Milo needed his own magic staff because if he used the Mathamagician's, he would only be able to use numbers. To get through these terrible mountain's, he needs to combine letters and number's. That's why it would be no use using numbers alone.

  3. I think what the Mathamagician is saying is that you can ignore things before realizing what he is doing.

  4. He say that because if Milo was being ignorant and he didn't want to learn anything than he could be there faster. I think if anyone should go somewhere they should at least learn somthing from being there.

  5. I think Milo needs the magic staff because if he didn't he could of been killed by the monsters in the mountains. Like the Terrible Tevian.