Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post 26 - A Million Thoughts Away

"The world that Milo knew was a million thoughts away, and the demons - the demons were there in the distance," (p. 224). 
1. When have you been a million thoughts away?
2. What images does this give you?
3. What does this say about your life? 


  1. Sometimes when I pick up a lego piece my mind starts to race. I begin to see images of all the creations I could build with it. It's like I'm not in my room anymore. I don't pay attention to my bed or dresser. All I see is the toy in my mind. I also feel as if I'm a million miles away when I dream at night. The image it makes me think of is a sketch of character with a thought bubble coming out of his brain. This makes me feel like I am thinking outside of the box.

  2. Sometimes when I wake up I suddenly start thinking about the future ahead of me. I think of basketball, music, and some inventions that I created. I believe this means that I have many choices ahead of me, but that is the beauty of the future, I don't have to decide until then.

  3. When my mom died I was like a maniquin. People brought me to stores and bought me clothes that I don't remember getting. People dressed me when I didn't know I was getting dressed. People opened and closed my mouth and stuffed food into it in between openings. I had to many thoughts on my mine to sleep. It was a mess. I hardly remember anything from that week. It still feels like a dream that wasn't a dream. A movie that was never filmed. Or perhaps a life of mine that wasn't fully recorded.

  4. I was a million thoughts away today when we got the math project.
    ~Randy Engstler